Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík.

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Hallgrímskirkja Church sits proudly in the centre of Reykjavík towering over any other building in the city. Hallgrímskirkja is a Lutheran parish and is the largest church in Iceland.  The Architect behind this landmark was Guðjón Samúelsson, Iceland’s state Architect.  This building was commissioned in 1937.  The work began in 1946 and was finished roughly 40 years later.  Samúelsson created many buildings during his career, although he did not live to see his project finished it is his most notable work.  He was said to be inspired by the geology of his country.

Black and White Chrome of Hallgrímskirk

Hallgrímskirkja was named after the Icelandic poet and minster Hallgrímur Pétursson.

Front of Hallgrímskirkj

The Architecture looks similar to the basalt rocks formed at Svartifoss.

The architecture looks similar to the basalt rocks formed at Svartifoss.

Inside Hallgrímskirkja sits the biggest Pipe Organ i have ever seen.  I couldn’t help but be impressed by the size of this instrument and also took into consideration the amount of effort it must have taken to build such an Instrument.  It was constructed by German organ builder Johannes Klais of Bonn.  The Family company business of Johannes Klais is called Orgelbau Klais and they specialise in building and restoring Pipe Organs all over the world. You can see their work in various churches, cathedrals and concert halls.

Organ inside Hallgrímskirkj - 5275 Pipes

This Pipe Organ has 102 ranks, 72 stops and has 5275 pipes.


Organ Player

The Pipe Organ is worked by four manuals and a pedal.

There are a series of summer concerts that take place here in which the folk of Reykjavík can sit quietly and listen to some songs being played by the Organist.  I was lucky enough to hear a little bit of Music from it though i would imagine such an Instrument would be suitable for a Johann Sebastian Bach composition to echo around it’s holy surroundings.

Architecture Inside.

Inside Windows

Black and White Chrome of Iceland

Inside Hallgrímskirkja

Of course an Icelandic Blog post would not feel complete without mentioning the Famous Reykjavík-born Musician and artist Björk.   Watch Björk and the Icelandic; with Voices of Europe Choir perform at Hallgrímskirkja during a world-wide broadcast which took place on 31st December 1999, a performance for entering the new millennium.

Up close Angel.

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