Spookiedookies (Sound Design Experiment)

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(DAW), Pro Tools, Sound, Sound Design


Shopkeeper: "Hello"
Myself:     "Hello Could you help me? Do you sell those coloured plastic things which you
             can put on your bike?"
Shopkeeper: "What?! you have to be more specific son"
Myself:     "They decorate the spooks on the bike and as the wheel turns they fall with 
Shopkeeper: "Spookidookes! Yes Son they are called Spookidookies, We sell them.
             We have plenty in stock so you or your children can call around anytime soon.
Myself:     "Eh… Ok… That's great, thank you"


Jigu Spookidookies -


Little did the Shopkeeper know that the Spookidookies were in fact for a grown adult.

At some stage when you were young you probably owned a BMX and added a reflector or decorated your bike with Spookidookies because you thought it was cool.  Well, twenty plus years later I am planning on decorating my bike again but not for this same reason.

I had the brainwave of recording the sound of Spookidookies to create a short audio waveform though i planned to manipulate the recording using various plug-ins in the Digital Audio Workstation known as Pro Tools.

Phantom Integra Mountain Bike - 2

Covered and ready for a spinning...

Decorated and ready for spinning…



The way in which i wanted to display this sound to you was to let you hear the sound recorded without any manipulation.  Then i was planning on re-looping the exact same recording but with various sections manipulated through different Plug-ins and Pre-sets from the Music Tech Recording program Pro Tools.

I decided to use three Plug-ins on Pro Tools: Air Multi delay, Air Frequency shifter and Air Vintage Filter.  I would pick three pre-sets located in each plug-in and mark them on the Audio Waveform in order for you to understand what you are hearing.

  Air Frequency Shifter

  08 Fast Bubbles
  05 Pulse
  04 Moving in Circles
 Air Vintage Filter
 03 Long Sweep up
 04 Long Sweep down
 09 Soft rotation
Air Multi delay

04 Simple Dotted Eights
06 Fading Delay
17 Crazy Dots


Throughout time Sound Designers have thought up various methods and techniques to develop sound to sync with visuals for our entertainment.  Today in the 21st Century it is accessible for people to have the equipment and technology to record really interesting sounds, Basically – The Sky is the limit.

Have a Listen to the result of my Music Experiment:


Each manipulated clip of sound you hear is very different to the next, it’s quite easy to distinguish this.  Although one or two of the pre-sets selected would suit a longer duration of audio in order to appreciate the entire context of what is going on in that particular part and sound, i am happy with how this short clip of audio and sound experiment turned out as a whole.   

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