A punk rock blast from the past

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Music, Punk Rock

Throughout my teenage years and into my twenties I was a regular in the local music scene watching talented friends, fools and misfits take to the stage providing spontaneous, energetic, enthusiastic, unpredictable, fun, ridiculous yet fantastic punk rock, rock’n’roll & electronic performances.

During these years people made an conscience effort to promote their gigs by plastering posters to walls, printing flyers and leaving them in shops.  I kept and collected some flyers from past local events which you can view below.

This is a small tribute to that scene and all involved…

Watercress Gig Bangor Fundraising event

Watercress Gig Bangor Fundraising event 2

Vital CD and Record Fair in Maysfield Leisure Centre

Ancient Spirits of Evil - Wolseys Gig - Smut.

Smut, The Dangerfields, Suki Gig The Front Page.

Dogshit Sandwich, The Dangerfields and Pocket Billiards.

Bending Wrongs Gig, Leicester - 2004.

The Dangerfields - Leicester Attik Gig.

Relaspe Gig Flyer Bending Wrongs

Girl Wets Pants Gig Flyer.

The Dangerfields, Pocket Billiards, Girl Wets Pants gig.

Frenzal Romb, Slow Gherkin, Useless ID and The Dangerfields

Some of these bands are no longer together and are not available for hiring.
And some of the venues have changed ownership or have now permanently closed.

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