World Listening Day 2014

Field Recording, Sound, World Environment

World Listening Day 2014

World Listening Day 2014

Sonic Terrain (Sonic Field) is a website that dedicates itself to Field Recording.  It focuses on sounds from the world around us.  Sonic Terrain encourages us to not just hear the sounds but to listen to them and also record them for various purposes such as reflection, art, science or entertainment.  The website is run by author Miguel Isaza and co-founder Nathan Moody.

World listening day gives an array of people a chance to share their field recordings from various locations around the planet.  Field recording is generally used by many people in different professions ranging from musicians, sound designers, researches, conservationists or maybe someone who has just taken up a new hobby and fancied tuning into to a different world.

This year the world listening day project received a high volume of sounds, over 120 recordings.  In order to present these recordings Sonic Terrain (Sonic Field) decided to release 6 compilation albums, 2 albums released online per day, not to mention all 6 of the albums are available for free download.

The six compilation album names are as follows:

Fragility, Dimension, Decisions, Transition, Directions and Entropy.

World Listening Day Albums

AOS is pleased to say that it contributed to World listening Day 2014 by submitting the Strokkur geyser field recording from haukadalur geothermal area in Iceland which was recorded earlier this year in April. You can listen to this recording among many others which feature on the album entitled ‘Entropy‘ by clicking on the link here.

It’s a great contribution by all the recordist/artists to have captured such cool varied material.  They are all worth having a listen.  I have named a selection from the 6 albums below:

Field Recordist        Title of track                        Album

Manuel Calurano        Anochecer en Peguerinos               Fragility
Cimarron Corpe         Bowker Creek (In three movements)     Fragility   
Jane P. Perry          Echo Bridge                           Dimension 
Paul Michael Browne    Pre-match warm-up                     Dimension 
World Listener         Row fisherman row                     Decisions 
Andi Dihama            Storm                                 Decisions 
Ricardo Fichera        Venetian Soundscape                   Transition 
Nuno Morao             Wind turbines at Serra do Alvao       Directions 
The Doll               Melbourne train crossing              Directions 
Juno Doran             Cambridge bicycles                    Entropy


I would also like to say thanks to Miguel Isaza for giving me the chance to submit and share my recording through the Sonic Terrain website for world listening day 2014.

~ Happy Listening ~

5 thoughts on “World Listening Day 2014”

  1. No worries Gin, lots of great field recordings in those links and albums.

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