One Year On…

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Lovely Blesi Geysir, Iceland.

Lovely Blesi Geysir, Haukadulur Geothermal field, Iceland.  A location i visited for field recording.

One year ago I decided to start this blog ‘Architect of Sound. Today marks the anniversary of my first blog post.  My general focus on this blog is a bit of creativity in the various fields of sound, music, photography and other small creative outlets. Since its inception the Architect of Sound blog has traveled to IcelandItaly and Scotland capturing various field recordings such as a geyser erupting in the land of fire and ice, scooters motoring through the streets of Rome and the sound of a steam locomotive on a short light-hearted journey in Northern Ireland. Also featured on an online compilation album for World Listening day 2014 organised by the founders of website Sonic Terrain (re-named Sonic Field) which you can read about it by clicking here.

Zoom H4N hand Recorder and DT100 Beyerdynamic headphones.

Zoom H4N hand Recorder and DT100 Beyerdynamic headphones.

Field Recording is defined as any recording outside of the recording studio. A person who captures these recordings is known as a field recordist. A field recordist tends to capture natural sound. A natural sound is a common source used in the art of foley, television shows and video games.

One of the most famous field and sound recordists in the world today is Chris Watson. Chris Watson has a passion for recording the sounds of wildlife and atmospheres from around the world. His recordings have appeared on Film, Radio and television. He has also won awards for TV programmes such as ‘The Life of Birds‘ and ‘Frozen Planet‘ by David Attenborough. He also works for a company called ‘wild-eye‘ which is an independent provider of wildlife and conservation film-making and sound recording training. Click here to check out Chris Watson’s website.

Chris Watson, Natural Sound and Field Recordist.

Chris Watson, Natural Sound and Field Recordist.

The idea of this blog ‘Architect of Sound‘ is to capture recordings and pictures of the world we live in and present them to you. Occasionally I will display other posts among photos of places visited. I hope these recordings and pictures of different locations give you some feeling or understanding of what is sonically available to us. I would like to thank anyone who has stopped by in the last year to check out this part-time hobby of mine which features recordings, pictures, posts and some writing. It’s always nice to hear if anyone else feels inspired to get out there and try something of a similar musical nature.

'A' for Anarchy sign is reference for Punk Rock subculture which has always influenced me.

‘A’ for Anarchy sign is reference for Punk rock which always influenced me.

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