AOS Presents: Vinnie Fiorello, Drummer and Lyricist for ‘Less than Jake’

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Less than Jake, Left to Right, Peter "JR" Wasilewski, Roger Lima, Chris DeMakes, Buddy Schaub and Vinnie Fiorello.

Less than Jake, Left to Right – Peter “JR” Wasilewski, Roger Lima, Chris DeMakes, Buddy Schaub & Vinnie Fiorello.

AosHello Vinnie, Welcome to ‘Architect of Sound’. Firstly can you start by introducing yourself and what you do in the band? 

Vinnie Fiorello: I’m Vinnie. I play drums and write the lyrics for Less Than Jake.

AosHow did the band come about and where do you get your name from? 

Vinnie Fiorello: Me and Chris were in a few high school bands together but when he moved up to Gainesville to go to college, we started a new band together which was an early incarnation of LTJ.

Less Than Jake Promo sent to AOS by Vinnie Fiorello

Centre – Vinnie Fiorello and Chris Demakes.

AosWhere do you guys get your ideas for your songs??  

Vinnie Fiorello: At first it’s taking musical influence from some of your favorite bands then using that inspiration to fumble through chords and melodies of your own.

AosWhat are Less than Jake musical influences?  

Vinnie Fiorello: Early on it was the east bay punk scene and Chicago pop punk scene. Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, naked raygun, Screeching Weasel and earl green day.

AosLess Than Jake have recorded 8 studio albums. Do you each have a personal favourite Less than Jake album? That goes to each member of the band?  

Vinnie Fiorello: I can’t speak for anyone else but for me it’s not favorite records as much as favorite songs.

AosYou guys have toured all over the World. What is your favourite country to play and where has been your most craziest memorable gig?  

Vinnie Fiorello: We played to 90,000 people at the Reading Festival in England. It by far was the most intense thing I’ve eve done.

AosBeing in the American Punk rock scene and part of labels like Fat Wreck Chords you must have made many friends over the years with the likes of NoFX, Rancid, No Use for a name etc Is there a strong a community within the Punk Rock scene?

Vinnie Fiorello: There are plenty of bands we have a connection with, a friendship that cultivates when you tour or travel together. Punk rock has always had both a very strong sense of community but also at times a deep alienation, a wall built to keep People in and out figuratively speaking of course.

AosYour last album was titled ‘See the light’ and was released two years ago on Fat Wreck Chords. Can we expect to see a new Less than Jake album in the future and if so what can we expect?  

Vinnie Fiorello: We are working individually right now on ideas but will be coming together in early January to start pushing things around.

AosAs a band what has been your biggest high and biggest low??

Vinnie Fiorello: Biggest high would be connecting to people in a live setting and the biggest low is not connecting to people in a live setting.

Less than Jake Live.

Thanks to Vinnie Fiorello from Less than Jake for Talking, Contributing and Sharing with ‘Architect of Sound‘.  We wish Vinnie & Less than Jake all the best for forthcoming albums, projects and future tours! Hope to catch you guys on the next tour! 

For information on Future Albums, Tours and News from 'Less than Jake'
Click on the website link below, Cheers.

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