AOS Presents: Bending Wrongs!

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Bending Wrongs, Giros. Species Fund raiser 13.05.16

AosHello to Bending Wrongs and Welcome to ‘Architect of Sound‘.  Firstly I would like you to give us a brief introduction about yourself?  

Bending Wrongs: My name is Colin and I am a Civil Servant, at evenings and weekends I make tunes and noises on my laptop.

AosThe title of your alias ‘Bending Wrongs‘ raises quite a few questions. Can you explain where, when and how this abstract title came about?

Bending Wrongs: I think it was something to do with Christopher Morris. I was really into his weird humour for a while and I guess mine is similar. Bending Wrongs sounded like a good name to explain the music: Wrong music.

AosAt what age did you realise you wanted to pursue music / sound? Tell us a little bit about your musical background before you embarked on this electronic ‘Hell-ride’?  

Bending Wrongs: Dad had loads of records in the house that I always listened to. Queen, the Beatles, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd etc. I’d listen to anything I could get my hands on. Then when I was 12 I got a guitar and got into Nirvana and the usual teenage stuff. Bending Wrongs gives me a platform and opportunity to create electronic music live with the intent to manipulate sounds and hopefully leave an impression on the crowd!

AosIn your own words, musically how would you describe ‘Bending Wrongs’?

Bending Wrongs: You wouldn’t print what my real words would be, I guess it’s just stuff I make and release under that name. I make a lot of other stuff too but don’t put it up on soundcloud because it’s completely different and probably not very good. One thing I have noticed is I cringe when I go back and listen to something I made 2 years ago. Bending wrongs started as Noises & Chaos at university I think then it had a 10 year nap then is back with electronic music with experimental techniques.

AosI believe the philosphy behind ‘Bending Wrongs is “Bending the note to make it sound worse” What equipment and musical Set-up is behind Bending Wrongs? Laptop? Synths? Instrumentation? Software? Audio manipulation? loops and samples? Does anything go?

Bending Wrongs: Yeah like a sound or something that’s wrong and bend it to make it worse. Not always enjoyable for the listener but lots of fun for me.

I used to use Cubase and it was terrible. Really outdated and limited. I now use Ableton live 9. I find this amazing to work with. I can build synths using samples and build drumracks and generally have a good bit of craic with it. It’s great for effects and quantization. I’ve recently got into sampling and finding the downbeat to match it up with the tempo of your track etc. I have an analogue lab plug in which on my budget suits me just fine. I also use akai apc40mk2 which I use for live triggering and manipulation, Works well.


AosHow do you approach a musical experimental composition? Do you create themes and structures? 

Bending Wrongs: Yeah mate probably just the same as you or anyone else. I might get a tune in my head and run up to my guitar to play it through or fire it down quickly into Ableton and let that be the basis of the song. Alternatively I could be chopping up a beat and just come up with something. Sometimes working within a theme can restrict you from other possibilities. But it can also be good if you need some structure to your work. I don’t really have one at the moment.

AosThe Song ‘Computer Controlled Hamsters‘ is a song about a Hamster called ‘Winston’. The unique video was created by Joostay from Creative travel / Culture blog Ikimasho.  What’s your thoughts on it.

Bending Wrongs: I have no idea what Joo-stay did with that video haha. I just made the tune. I thought the title was funny so it just stuck. Then Joo-stay made the video. Which is very good by the way.

AosWhat music do you enjoy listening too? 

Bending Wrongs: I love listening to all the music on my mp3 player and I love radio 6. I’ve been listening to trip hop this week which I loved back in the day, Drum n bass and a bit of Bob Dylan. I dunno, just whatever is on. I must say, I really dislike most chart music post 90’s. Simon Cowell is to blame for that. 

AosBending Wrongs is scheduled to play this year Species Festival – Ireland’s premier Gothic and Industrial Festival Gathering.  I believe last year’s set took onlookers through a sonic journey of experimental sounds of bleeps, beeps, loops and bending groves.  What can we expect to see at this year’s Species Festival 2016?

Bending Wrongs: Species 2015 was class. The organisers iliocht and Harriet are like steampunk goth artistic people and they invited me to play at their festival. I tried to talk them out of it but they insisted. It was full of open, like minded people that liked music and art. I fall into that category. It was great fun. I’m really looking forward to this year’s one. I’m making my set a bit darker and dirtier. I was too tame last year.

Bending Wrongs

Bending Wrongs preparing for Species 2016 at Giros Warzone Centre in Belfast, N.Ireland.

AosFrom a musician’s point of view, could we ever see a change in musical style for Bending Wrongs or will you always play under the electronic music genre?

Bending Wrongs: As far as I am concerned every track I do is a change in musical direction. If I ever wanted to start a Punk or Jazz  band or something I’d probably do it under a different name. I have a side thing I am working on at the moment. But I’ll fill you in some other time.

AosWhat does the Future hold for Bending Wrongs?

Bending Wrongs: Trying to get gigs. I sent my stuff round a couple of labels this week. Got some good feedback and also some no replies. I’m doing something at the Culture Night in Belfast this year all being well and hopefully the Open House Festival.

Many thanks to the fantastic ‘Bending Wrongs‘ for contributing, sharing and talking to ‘Architect of Sound‘.

Bending Wrongs, Giros. 13.05.16


To Book Bending Wrongs for Live Entertainment, 
Contact Colin Via his Twitter link below:
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