The Art of Foley – Creating a Ripping Horror Gushing Creature Feasting Zombie Style Sound Effect.

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The art of Foley - Creating a Horror Sound Effect by aos

A watermelon is a well known fruit used for creating ‘ripping’ Sound effects.

Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to Video, Film and other Media post-productions to enhance audio quality.  These sounds could be everyday sounds such as footsteps, wind blowing, clapping or doors slamming.

What is a Sound Effect?

Sound Effect, Noun.

Any Sound, other than music or speech, artificially reproduced to create an effect in a

dramatic representation, as the sound of a storm or a creaking door.

Where did the term ‘Foley’ Come from?

Foley, The art of performing Sound effects.

The Art bears the name of the Sound Effects Pioneer, Jack Foley, Who worked at Universal

studios during the 1930s.  Jack Foley and his small crew created sounds in real-time and 

synchronised them to productions to give them a realistic feel. He worked on a series of

films making him successful in his craft and received many awards including the Motion 

Picture Sound Editors' Golden Reel Award.  His basic methods are still used today.

Zombies by Tim Molloy

Creating a Horror Effect!

From the strange and supernatural to the Gory and Evil.  Creating a horror 

effect can call for a Creative performance, Unusual props and be prepared
for the mess!  Believe it or not but the ripping and tearing of fruit and 

vegetables are often the source for broken bones, sliced bodies and Zombie 

sludge effects in many films.  These elements are transformed into shocking, 

gory and juicy sound effects during the editing process and synchronising of video.

The art of Foley - Creating a Horror Sound Effect

Flesh Rips! 

Fruit and Vegetables are best sources for horror Flesh Rips! Pulling a Watermelon 

or melon apart can sound like a carcass being ripped open or a piece 

of flesh tearing from a Zombies body. 

You may also remember the famous 'Shower Knife scene' from 

Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho. The sound of the knife entering Janet Leigh’s 

flesh was done by plunging a knife into a melon.  Watch and Listen below:

Audio Clip! 

In this Audio clip I wanted to experiment with a Watermelon, Melon and Celery.

I wanted to record some organic sounds with the hope and imagination the end result will

sound like the ripping of Zombie flesh, bones snapping, Creature feasting, tearing, 

slurring, squelching and squishing.

DEAD MAN by Artist and Illustrator 'Tim Molloy'

The way I am going to display these sounds to you is:

- Firstly Showcase the Organic sounds Edited with no effects

& then

- Showcased the same Organic Sounds but with Added Plug-in Sound Effects

from the Music Technology Software Program Pro Tools 12.5.

DEAD Man by Artist and Illustrator Tim Molloy.

The three Plug-in Sound Effects I have chosen in this Foley Audio Experiment are:

- Air Talkbox Effect

- Air Talkbox Effect and Air Distortion Stereo

- Air Talkbox Effect and Air Non-linear Reverb
I will mark on the waveform where the three chosen 

Plug-in Sound Effects take effect.
Building sounds from the ground up can actually be quite a fun process.

Click on the play below if you want to listen to the Ripping Horror Gushing Creature Feasting Zombie Style Sound Effect:

The four Artistic and Illustrated pictures of Zombies / Dead Men on this blog page is the work of the Fantastic New Zealand Comic book artist Tim Molloy who lives and works in Melbourne, Austrailia. Tim Molloy makes ridiculous apocalyptic psychedelic art mostly in the form of surrealist comic books, paintings and sculpture.

Tim Molloy, Artist and Comic Illustrator.

Tim Molloy, Artist and Comic Illustrator.

”My work is an ever expanding and interconnected web of dreamlike and nightmarish storylines soaked heavily in delusion, confusion and a general sense of unease. I draw heavily on surrealist techniques, symbolist ideas, synchronicity and dreams to construct my stories. Recurring themes include (but are not exclusive to) death, rebirth, the nature and expansion of consciousness, self-destruction and discovery… There is a kind of pre- apocalyptic tension throughout, balanced (I hope) with a sense of humor that stops it all from getting too serious…”

Tim Molloy.

I seen Tim's Art work and knew instantly they were the
Zombies I had imagined for my experimental Horror Zombie Sound effect.

I E-mailed Tim to ask him if i could display his work

 and he Kindly said it was Fine.
To view Tim Molloy's Art, Comic book sketches, Illustrations, paintings and Sculptures
please click on his website link below:
~ Many Thanks Tim Molloy ~

Thanks to Ric Viers for tips and don't waste Watermelon, make a cold drink!


3 thoughts on “The Art of Foley – Creating a Ripping Horror Gushing Creature Feasting Zombie Style Sound Effect.”

  1. Darth Vader says:

    Very good Paul. You have to try the light saber or T-1000 style effects some time. Maybe you could get some work experience at the GoT studios or something some time?

    • Thanks Darth, I’m glad you enjoyed post on Foley / Sound Effect.

      Gary Rydstrom was the Sound Designer for Terminator 2. Read below (quotation) how he created the sound effect for the T2 film scene when Robert Patrick’s T-1000 turns into liquid metal and squeezes through the asylum door:

      Turns out that if you hold a can of dog food upside down, the sound of that cylinder slowly coming out of the can is the perfect combination of mud, metal, and suction. That sound effect cost 75 cents

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