Two Years On…

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Architect of Sound‘ among Rollingstone, The Independent and Noisey taken from ‘The Black Queen‘ website Interview / Article Section.

Today marks the two year anniversary since I started this online project.  I have to be honest and say I had always questioned myself If i had enough depth, material, ideas, imagination and variation to carry and sustain a blog project that I titled ‘Architect of Sound‘.

Reflecting over the past year I am quite happy with some of the listening experiences, outcomes and online Interviews which are listed below:

  • Traveled to different locations capturing various types of Field Recordings.
  • Interviewed some of the best Artists, Bands, Musicians, Innovators, Sound Designers and Field Recordists in the Industry.
  • Explored and Showcased different subject areas relating to Audio, Sound and Music.
  • Released five ‘Audio Postcards / Sound Cards‘ into shops which contributed to local tourism in Northern Ireland.

Audio Postcards / Sound Cards released featured Five different sounds in four different countries.

‘AOS’ Sonic Postcards / Audio Postcards / Sound Cards were released and sold in local tourism shops in Northern Ireland, October 2015.

Online Related Articles

To read about these ‘Sonic Postcards‘ please click here.

To read the feature about the ‘Sonic Postcards‘ on the ‘Sonic Field‘ website please click here.

One of the Field Recordings captured at the Giant’s Causeway made it onto Marc Anderson’s Nature Sound Map.

This short ambient field recording was also shared on social media sites by the National Trust.

Marc Anderson's Nature Sound Map.

Marc Anderson’s Nature Sound Map.

National Trust Facebook Page.

National Trust NI online Social Network Page.

Shared on Social Media sites like National Trust NI.

National Trust NI, Twitter Account.

Mention of 'Architect of Sound 'Interview with Jimmy Gnecco / OURS on website.

‘Architect of Sound ‘Interview with Jimmy Gnecco from American Rock band ‘OURS’. (

Over the past year ‘Architect of Sound‘ has delivered many Interviews from some of the best Bands, Artists, Musicians, Sound designers and Field Recordists in the Music and Audio industry today.  See a list of Interviews below:

'Architect of Sound' Interviews 2015 - 2016.

The Interviews from ‘Architect of Sound’ 2015 – 2016.

I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to the many people who have helped me 
out with this online project, you know who you are.
I would also like to send my 'Thanks' to the many different Bands, Artists, Musicians, 
Innovators, Sound designers and Field Recordists who agreed to take part in our 'AOS' 
Q & A style Interview sessions.
I hope the Interviews gave you the online exposure you deserve 
for your own unique fantastic creative outlet and craft.
Finally I would like to say 'Thanks' to anybody who has stopped by and tuned in 
over the course of the year to this online project.

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