Introducing 10 Patches from Max / Msp (Visual programming language for music and multi-media)

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Max MSP is a visual programming language for Music and multi-media developed by San Francisco company Cycling ’74.  It has been used by Composers, Performers, Software Designers, Researchers, Sound Designers and Artists to create recordings, performances and Installations. Max is named after the late Max Matthews (Pioneer of Computer Music) while the MSP is named after Miller Puckette (Professor of music at the University of California, San Diego).

Have a look below at 10 constructed patches I created that would get any music enthusiast started with the program. Max programs are created using building blocks of objects using a patcher. Each object has a different role within the visual canvas.

If you want to visit the Cycling Max website and download the program click here.


Natural Glissando Patch.

A Comb Filter (Overlapping any piece of Audio with a delayed version of itself)

A Comb Filter (Overlapping any piece of Audio with a delayed version of itself).  In this case the Audio is ‘White Noise’.

The Selector Patcher Using Max / MSP.

The Selector~ Patcher.


Bicycle Bell Signalling Metal Instrument.

The Function object.

The Function object.

Envelope Function Object.

Envelope Function Object.

Introduction to Sampled Sound.

Introduction to Sampled Sound.

Decibel to Amplitude Conversion.

Decibel to Amplitude Conversion.

Sawtooth Max Patcher.

Sawtooth Max Patcher.

Band-limited oscillators (tri~, rect~ and saw~)

Band-limited oscillators (tri~, rect~ & saw~)

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