Band / Music / Online / Tape & Video Collaborations.

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Band: Atomic.

EP: I buy Clothes in Charity Shops.

Album: Trouble in the Squirthouse. Click here to view compilation.

Year: 1999 / 2000.


College Band: Smut

Genre: Punk.

Year: 2001.


College Band: Stig of Le Dump.

Genre: Heavy Rock / Metal.

Module: Production Project.

Year 2002.


Project: Tanuj Tiku ( & P.Hughes.

Composition: Only When it Snows.

Genre: Cinematic.

Year: 2004




Online Video: Source Graduate Online Photography.

Filmed and Edited by Brian J. Morrison. (

Music by P.Hughes.

Year: 2012.


Short Local Film: Kingdom.

Directed by Bill Taylor.

Music by P.Hughes

Genre: Northern Irish Horror.

Year: 2012 / 2013.

Review: Click here to read review for Culture NI by Freelance writer C. Smyth.


Composition: Forming.

Music by Paul Hughes (Two Alto Saxophones, Piano & Synthesiser) & Kim Harper (Violin)

Year: 2013.



Composition: Obstacles.

Music by Paul Hughes & Colin Montgomery AKA Bending Wrongs

Genre: Electronic.

Year: 2013.



Travel Promotional Video: Ikimasho!

Filmed & Edited by Justin Egli

Music by P.Hughes.

Genre: Ambient.

Year: 2015.


Moog Prodigy Sound Charts Demonstration Video

Genre: Electronic / Moog Prodigy.

Synthesizer played by Paul.

Duration: 4 Minute 14 Seconds.

Year: 2016.


Syncing Audio & Visual

Original Field Recordings & Sound Design by P.Hughes.


Genre: Audio & Visual

Duration: 1 Minute 30 seconds.

Year: 2018.


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