Photographs: Digital photographs (Natural, Water & Landscapes)


The Scottish Highlands.

Irish Sea-front.

Irish Sea-front (Colour)




The Power of Gullfoss.


Coastlines 2.

Slieve Donard – The Mountains of Mourne.

V. Sculpture, Iceland.


Digital Photographs linked to past & present trips / holidays. 

Digital photographs taken by bib.


Photos captured with digital camera Sony DSC-WX50 & Canon EO5 1300D.
 'Look for the Valleys, the green places, and fly through them.  
There will always be a way through.

The Magician's Nephew.

C.S Lewis.




2 thoughts on “Photographs: Digital photographs (Natural, Water & Landscapes)”

  1. Beej says:

    Nice images AOS, I think the V sculpture is my favourite.

    Great composition throughout. Especially with the Slieve Donard one.


    • aos says:

      Cheers B for comment, Interesting choices.
      Genuinely enjoyed the experiences behind each photograph but great to capture such places in our world. As you say a few online tutorials would help.

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