To be a Human: Sounds in our World (dB)

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To be a Human: Sounds in our World (dB)

Focuses and reflects on the sounds in our environments and what we’re exposed to as human beings consciously throughout the world.  In the modern era we are constantly being exposed to high sound levels. Research studies show results in hearing loss, anxiety and tinnitus (ringing, buzzing or humming in the ears).  Medics define tinnitus as perceiving sound when there is no external source.

The world is louder than ever and although some sounds feel organic like walking through autumn crispy leaves or ringing your first metallic bicycle bell, other day-to-day sounds can feel more chaotic like the screeching of an underground subway train or a teenager playing loud music from a tiny speaker on a crowded bus. Throughout time loud noises can subconsciously have a negative impact on your health. It may be one of the reasons why human beings continue to search for peace & serenity amid the chaos of our modern hi-tech world.

Drawing inspiration from composers such as Murray Schaffer, John Cage and Miles Davis, Throughout the last few years I have a collected a series of field recordings in the UK, Ireland & Europe.

Through these recordings & photographs presented to you one could take time to listen and reflect on your own environment, where you want to be and what you want to listen too. The aim is to increase awareness on you & outside of your self. These field recordings include environmental, nature, mechanical, tourism, travel & transport sounds.

Have a listen to the recordings & consider the decibel levels where you are.







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