Sound Kit Release: Mini Sound Library / Sound Pack (100+ Random Sounds)

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What features in this Beginners Sound Library pack?
  • A CD with a track listing of a 100+ recordings / Field recordings (UK / Eire & Europe) & other random sounds.
  • Five Interactive ‘AOS” Postcards / Sound Cards.  Click here to have a look them.
  • A colourful USB stick featuring the Sound Library audio files  (AIF, MP3 & Wav format)
  • A mini sticker.
what field recordings, sounds & audio can we expect to hear in this SL pack?










& more random sounds...

Sound Library / Sound Design / Field Recording Booklet…

Who would benefit from owning this Sound Library pack?

This is a perfect little beginners pack for any musician, composer, sound designer or music technology student looking to create a music composition (In the style of Musique Concrete, Electroacoustic or Electronic) or simply sync audio to visual media / videos.


These little snippets of sounds (short & long) were recorded using a Zoom H4N recorder, Hydrophone & ME62.  Field Recordings include architectural , environmental, landscape, natural and public reaction sounds.  All photography & recordings are original.

What does the Sound Kit look like on USB stick?

There are two tracks which feature on CD, see below:



Why 'Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)'?

Originally composed by Luciano Berio.

Between the years of 1958 – 1959 Luciano Berio composed an electroacoustic composition known as ‘Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)’. The Composition is based on the poem “Sirens” from chapter 11 of the landmark novel Ulysses by Irish Writer James Joyce.

This was an important electroacoustic composition.  Composed roughly 70 years ago, this Composition was ahead of it’s time.

‘Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)’ blurs the borders of language & sound, poetry & music & speech & noise.



I recorded a series of drills which is the catalyst that drives the rhythm of this composition. I play & add bass, drones, electric guitar, Synthesizer & Alto Saxophone to give it’s final unique metallic sound.

The industrial sounds you hear throughout this composition feature on the CD & USB stick in AIF, MP3 and WAV format and are available for your own use.  The musical style of this piece belongs to the Industrial / Electronic genre.

~ Thank You ~
For helping me capture various field recordings, space, awareness, time,
CD design & booklet, Studio production in Cloud9, CD Printing, University,
Art, Instruments, Found Sound, Collaboration & general feedback.

David Lynch, Quote.

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