‘Chvrches’, The Ulster Hall, Belfast, N.Ireland.

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‘Chvrches’ ~ Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, The Ulster Hall, Belfast ~ 19.02.19.

Scottish Synth-pop band,’Chvrches‘ performed to a sell-out crowd in The Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland.  This was their first time performing in Northern Ireland.

Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Dougherty performed songs from all three records (The Bones of What You Believe, Every Eye Open & most recent release ‘Love is Dead‘) before finishing their set with their biggest selling record to date ‘The Mother We Share‘ & ‘Never Say Die‘.

‘Chvrches’ ~ Lauren Mayberry & Martin Doherty, The Ulster Hall, Belfast ~ 19.02.19.

Since the Glaswegians formed in 2011 their fan base has kept growing at a rapid pace,  performing sell-out shows all over the world & winning several music awards.  

Chvrches‘ started the set with Get Out’ & continued to perform tracks such as ‘Gun‘, ‘We Sink’, Graves’, ‘Under the Tide, ‘Science  / Visions’, ‘Recover’, ‘Leave a Trace’ & ‘Clearest Blue’.

Versatile in their delivery, each band member a multi-instrumentalist, Chvrches boasts a Synth-pop energy performing sweeping soundscapes, glittering arpeggios, distorted guitars, electronic beats, vibrating bass lines, drums & vocals for your audio pleasure.

All these vibrations put together are enough to get you moving, shake the floor beneath you and have you leaving the show in a synth-pop mood.

Chvrches Belfast show was part of the Love is Dead‘ tour.

‘Chvrches’ performing in the Ulster Hall, Belfast ~19.02.19.

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