AOS Presents: Honesty, Friendly & Positivity in the style of Punk Rock. An Interview with STACY DEE – 1/4th of the driving force behind the rebellious ‘BAD COP BAD COP’, FAT WRECK Chords.

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Bad Cop Bad Cop, Fat Wreck, Left to right – Linh Le, Jennie Cotterill, Stacy Dee & Myra Gallarza. 

AosHello ‘Bad Cop Bad Cop’ – Welcome to ‘Architect of Sound’.  Firstly Congratulations on your singles, albums, videos & touring.  One of the coolest bands on the Independent punk rock record label Fat Wreck Chords, respectively.

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: Thanks so much!  We appreciate your kind words!

Aos. Where did the name ‘Bad Cop Bad Cop’ come from?

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: Our first bass player, Jen Carlson, came up with the name.  We had been laughing about since 2008.

Aos. How did the band form? Also, How did you end up signing for the Independent punk rock record label Fat Wreck Chords?

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: Again, our original bass player Jen Carlson got us all together.  She and I had been in many bands together where she was always the drummer.  She had met Myra at one of our other band’s record release show in San Francisco.  They got to talking and decided to jam.  Jen asked me if I wanted to start a new punk band.  My answer is always yes.  Then in a few days Myra, Jen and I were all in a room jamming on songs with Jen on bass and Myra on drums.  The next day Jen brought Jennie, and the rest is history.  As much as BCBC was a cool new band, we didn’t really start to take off until a year later when Jen stepped aside and Linh joined as our permanent bassist.

Aos. ‘Not Sorry’ is the debut album from ‘Bad Cop Bad Cop’.  A Fantastic debut album.

Who writes the songs in ‘Bad Cop Bad Cop’? Jennie Cotterill? Stacy Dee? Or does everybody in the band pitch in lyrically? As a band were you all pleased with your first record?

‘Nightmare’ was the first single from the debut album.  Great video & song by the way!

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: Thanks so much for saying that.  Jennie, Linh and I write all the songs. Sometimes we write them together but mostly each artist writes their own songs and the rest of us pitch in accordingly.  Jennie and I write an equal share of most of the songs.

We were super happy with our first release.  I mean, looking back it’s not as strong as we think “Warriors” is, but we know it was a great for our first effort.  Thanks for saying that, “Nightmare” rules!

Aos. It’s great to see an all female punk rock band out there writing good tunes. In the 80s & 90s there was a series of female grunge bands like ‘L7, the breeders & Hole’. Musically who inspires BC / BC to get up & play as you do? Real inspiring for kids out there especially female musicians.

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: We were certainly  inspired by all of the bands you mentioned. The GoGo’s were important to me as an all female band.  Seeing other women come before us definitely made it okay for us to do it too.  We pay great homage to those who came before us!  We are inspired by great songwriters,  performers, songs and records.  The sex of the songwriter or performer doesn’t matter in the grand scheme.

Aos. Punk rock music isn’t about perfection.  ‘BC / BC’ are tight & your production sound is so crisp.  Fat Mike is behind the production of your albums off course.  Has Mike really been supportive in the bands creativity since you signed to his label Fat Wreck Chords? Would he help pitch ideas? From afar it seems a good supportive label constantly challenging the status quo.

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: Yes, Fat Mike has helped in one way or another on almost everything we’ve released.  Not so much on Boss Lady, our first Fat release.  But definitely on everything there after.  Fat Wreck Chords is an incredible label to be a part of.  They set the standard for great punk rock music.  The label is family and their love and devotion for their artist’s transcends the music. They take care of their own.  It’s an incredible team to be apart of.

Bad Cop Bad Cop’, ‘Warriors’ Album. Fat Wreck, Produced by Davey Warsop & Fat Mike. Cover art by Jennie Cotterill.

AosWarriors’ is the bands second album, released in June 2017.  The album talks about some important stuff on the record ranging from gender issues, politics, government, history, self reflection, suicide & the coming together against the forces of evil. Musically a real positive record full of energy.  I guess the message of this album is that of the album title & track ‘Warriors’?

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: Yeah it really is.  The message is that everyone has a right and a duty to be who they really are.  To not be afraid of being who you are and knowing that humanity has people like BCBC who are willing to talk about, stand up for and defend people’s rights.  The real game of life is choosing your reality and being happy within it.

Aos‘Amputations’ is a sing along rock song about the your own self-destructive partying lifestyle & going into rehab & detoxing.  One of the slower pieces on the album with great vocal harmonies.  I am guessing was a testing time for the band? It seems an unfortunate side of the industry where people are vulnerable to various addictions & lifestyles. It is good to hear you came back stronger.

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: Jennie wrote that song right after I blew it on be Fat 25 year anniversary tour.  It was so good I said, “it’s gotta be on the record”.   Yeah, the industry really didn’t have anything to do with how much of a mess I was.  I was on that path well before the industry got its hands on me.  It definitely helped create my ego monster though.  I’m so so so grateful I found a way out from underneath it all. Our band saved my life.  The girls gave me a chance  to get better and stuck with me while I changed everything about myself.  The label too.  They sent me to detox to get better.   I am so lucky I got the opportunity and lived up to who I really am supposed to be.  The truth is I was afraid to step up and into the best version of myself.  But doing so was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Aos‘What is the inspiration behind ‘Warriors‘? I read the album was to pay homage to all who have devoted their lives to fight for equality and was inspired by the Trưng sisters, who led Vietnam’s rebellion against China nearly 2,000 years ago.  This true?

A part of history I was not aware off. Have learnt something new today.

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: Yes it was.  Linh was inspired by the story of the Trung Sisters and wrote the song “Warriors because of it. It’s a power song for anyone that feels marginalized or held back in life.  We are hear to let you know, “you’re valid and good enough to be who you really are in this life…. go and shine! “.

Aos. On a much lighter note, ‘You all perform with some really colourful instruments.  What are your favourite guitars, pedals & amps?’

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: We all play reverend guitars.  Great guitars and company.  I love a Fender Telecaster.  We don’t use pedals. We’re a super honest band.  We have tuners and that’s it.  Haha.  I play out of either a JCM 2000 or a 5150.  Jennie plays out of a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.  Myra plays a custom SJC drum kit and Linh plays a Gallien Krueger CX410 bass head.

Aos‘Bad Cop Bad Cop’ are on the cusp of new tour dates in the USA & beyond.  Any plans in the future for yous to tour Europe, Uk or Ireland?’ This might mean coming to a town near you! What is store for fans in 2019?

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: We are touring a bit in 2019.  Doing some headline runs this year, one with War On Women as main support. Playing Warped Tour’s 25 year anniversary.  Headed to Europe in April / May to play a few festivals like Sbäm in Austria and Groezrock in Belgium.  We are really focusing this year on writing and recording our next record.  Super excited to bring new music into the world!!!

Aos. Cheers to the fantastic ‘Bad Cop Bad Cop’ & Vanessa Burt from Fat Wreck Chords for giving us the heads up for the online Interview.  Keep up the great work guys & please visit UK & Ireland!

BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee Thanks so much!  Vanessa is the best!!!!  We will be back to the UK soon!  Promise!  Xoxo

Bad Cop / Bad Cop. Left to Right, Linh Le, Stacy Dee, Jennie Cotterill & Myra Gallarza.

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