Live Music: ‘Anna Calvi’ & ‘Arborist’

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Anna Calvi performing a Solo set at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast – 07.05.19.

In a career spanning just over a decade ‘Anna Calvi’ has released three albums and received two Mercury Prize nominations and praise from the highest quarters in Music.  Her three albums are fearless portraits examining identity and passion.  

She has also collaborated with artists like Brian Eno, Marianne Faithful and, on the 2014 covers EP Strange Weather, David Byrne. In 2017, she composed the music for The Sandman, an opera directed by Robert Wilson.  

Her most recent 2018 album ‘Hunter‘ has given her the opportunity to be as truthful as possible.  ‘Hunter’ is about the female being the Protagonist and exploring ideas of freedom. 

Anna Calvi performed a solo virtuoso set with her trademark Fender Telecaster to a sold-out crowd at Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.  Anna started her set with ‘Rider to the Sea‘ along with performing songs like ‘As a Man‘, ‘No More Words‘ & ‘Don’t beat the boy out the girl‘ before finishing the set with the art-rock encore ‘Jezebel‘.


‘Arborist’ performing at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast, 07.05.19.

Mark McCambridge is ‘Arborist’ and opened up for Anna Calvi in this year’s Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast.  In the past Arborist has received a number of positive Music reviews from press papers such as ‘The Guardian, MOJO Magazine, Uncut Magazine & Hot Press’.  

Debut record ‘Home Burial‘ received four big STARS from MOJO magazine stating: ‘A Staggering debut of depth and substance‘. It seems only natural Mark’s talent would bring him face-to-face with the cosmos of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival marque opening up to such musical talents like ‘Anna Calvi‘.  A fitting tribute to how far this local musician has come. ‘Arborist’ treated the crowd to many of his melancholy songs from his debut album along with his most recent anicipated sea-shanty ballads.


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