Syncing Audio + Visual (Field Recordings + Video Footage)

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Software Platform: iMovie

Recently I decided to sync some field recordings (Audio) & Visual moving images.

I captured these field recordings with a Zoom H4N pro handy Recorder.  

The Zoom H4N pro recorder is a terrific recording device because the X/Y Stereo microphones capture with complete clarity.  The built-in stereo recording device has many fantastic features, one for example is that you can change the angle of the two unidirectional condenser microphones from 90 degrees (tightly focused) to 120 degrees (records a much wider image) by simply twisting the capsules at the top.  Also, the device is not heavy and fits nicely into a back-pack or bag along with added recording accessories.

The video Images I choose were taken from a free stock footage movie website.

However, the authentic recordings of each subject are purely original and from real-life experiences in different country locations ranging from Iceland to Northern Ireland.

🔉 Watch, & listen to the short video results below 🔉

👂Syncing Audio & Visual 👀

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