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Creating music through the use of musical instruments, recording software (Logic Pro X) and a laptop to facilitate the recording process is very accessible for most people today.

Be Creative music sessions are a series of home recording music sessions.

If one does not have a laptop device with software, a tape recorder or a four track recorder can be just as effective for home recording.

For those who did not know, ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ by ‘the Beatles’ was recorded on a four track recorder. A performing arts music teacher was always pleased to tell us that music fact.

Sgt Pepper’s by the Beatles was seen to initiate the ‘Progressive Rock‘ music genre because of the album’s studio experimentation, expanding musical barriers and longer duration of songs.

Be Creative music session

Logic Pro X application.

Music Genre: Progressive Rock.

Music Track: Children of the Future.

Software Program: Logic Pro X.

Time Signature: 4/4. 

Italian tempo marking: Andantino.

Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar & Two Drum Machines.

Guitar techniques: ‘Harmonics’, Finger plucking, Power chords, Chords, Riff, Lick, Down strums,

Solo, Hammer on, Hammer off, 1/4 bend, full bend and slides.     

Guitar Effects: Chorus, Big Muff Guitar Pedal.

Have a listen to the music below.


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