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Sunn O))) live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Sunn o))), Limelight, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 18th July 2017. From the depths of despair to the realms of the sonic conscienceless, Seattle experimental drone black metal band give Belfast an evening of highly charged fragments of vibrating sound molecules. This was a live audio experience like no […]


AOS Presents: The Album Leaf / Jimmy LaValle.

Aos. Hello Jimmy LaValle aka ‘The Album Leaf’ and a very warm Welcome to ‘Architect of Sound’.  Firstly i would you to tell us a brief introduction about yourself?   Jimmy LaValle: I’m a musician, producer, composer mostly known for my solo music released as ‘the Album […]

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Ambient 1: Story behind 1st Ambient record

  Ambient: A term coined by Brian Eno to describe a compositional and listening practise that strives to tint the acoustic environment rather than to dominate it. In 1978 the first record was released that was described as Ambient Music.  A name that Brian Eno had […]