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AOS Presents: Honesty, Friendly & Positivity in the style of Punk Rock. An Interview with STACY DEE – 1/4th of the driving force behind the rebellious ‘BAD COP BAD COP’, FAT WRECK Chords.

Aos. Hello ‘Bad Cop Bad Cop’ – Welcome to ‘Architect of Sound’.  Firstly Congratulations on your singles, albums, videos & touring.  One of the coolest bands on the Independent punk rock record label Fat Wreck Chords, respectively. BC/BC ~ Stacy Dee: Thanks so much!  We appreciate your kind […]

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A Recent Fender Study Reveals….

Fender Study Finds 50% of New Guitarists Are Women. A new study from guitar manufacturer Fender reveals that women make up 50 percent of new guitar players in both the U.S.A and the U.K. There are plenty of female musicians for aspiring guitarists to look […]


AOS Presents: Frank Turner!

Aos. Hello Frank Turner, Welcome to ‘Architect of Sound‘.  Firstly, I would like you to give us a brief introduction about yourself and what it is you do? FT: I am a singer-songwriter, a touring musician, an entertainer. I grew up in Winchester and now live in […]

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Collecting Vinyl in the 1990s…

One of the best things about growing up as a teenager in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland was going around the many record shops on a Saturday afternoon in search of vinyl with mates (Justin Egli, Conor Smyth, Paul Mulholland and Colin Montgomery). A few of us […]

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A punk rock blast from the past

Throughout my teenage years and into my twenties I was a regular in the local music scene watching talented friends, fools and misfits take to the stage providing spontaneous, energetic, enthusiastic, unpredictable, fun, ridiculous yet fantastic punk rock, rock’n’roll & electronic performances. During these years people made an conscience […]

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