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Cities & Memory (Nature Call Project)

Cities and Memory is a global collaborative sound project encompassing field recording, sound art and sound mapping – remixing the world, one sound at at time.  The sound project is founded by ‘Stuart Fowkes’. Sounding Nature is is the first worldwide artistic reflection on our natural environment, […]

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To be a Human: Sounds in our World (dB)

To be a Human: Sounds in our World (dB) Focuses and reflects on the sounds in our environments and what we’re exposed to as human beings consciously throughout the world.  In the modern era we are constantly being exposed to high sound levels. Research studies show […]


Two Years On…

Today marks the two year anniversary since I started this online project.  I have to be honest and say I had always questioned myself If i had enough depth, material, ideas, imagination and variation to carry and sustain a blog project that I titled ‘Architect […]

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AOS Presents: Asbjoern Andersen, Co-Founder of Audio Company Epic Sound and Founder of online Independent Sound Effects Community Website ‘A Sound Effect’

‘Architect of Sound‘ talks to Asbjoern Andersen: Composer and Co-founder of Danish Audio Company ‘Epic Sound‘ who also runs an online International Independent Sound Effects Community website titled ‘A Sound Effect‘. Today we hear about how Asbjoern started Composing music on the Amiga back in the 1990s, […]

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